Model: K83
Price: Starts at $225

Conveniently carry extra cartridges for your favorite hunting rifle. Our belts are available for calibers ranging from .243 Winchester through .500 Nitro Express.
Rifle Cartridge Belt - Model K83

Model: PSSB
Price: Starts at $185

Designed with the help of 2 time modern world champion Long Hunter, this belt is made for competitive reloads.
PS Shotshell Belt - Model PSSB

Model: BC
Price: Starts at $60

Constructed of heavy leather, the rifle butt cover will provide a solid base for shouldering your rifle. Unique 1 piece design.
Rifle Butt Cover - Model BC

Model: LHSSB
Price: Starts at $159

Designed with the help of 7 time modern world champion Long Hunter, this belt is made for competitive reloads.
LH Shotshell Belt - Model LHSSB

Model: GSSB
Price: Starts at $160

This belt incorporates Kirkpatrick's unique form fitting loops available in double or single with five cartridge loops on each side.
Graveyard Shotshell Belt - Model GSSB

Model: ABP
Price: Starts at $70

Made to hold a small cartridge block (20-25rds), the new pouch enables you to pre-count your rounds before getting to the loading table.
Ammo Bullet Pouch - Model ABP

Model: TQSS
Price: Starts at $130

Providing quick access for your reloads, the newly designed "Tequila" shotshell belt also has a place to keep your rifle or pistol rounds. Holding twenty hotshells (in pairs) and ten rifle or pistol calibers.
Tequila Shotshell Belt - Model TQSS

Model: SGB
Price: Starts at $155

Designed for reloading quickly, the SGB shell loops are set high on the belt for easy access. The loops are hand molded and made of heavy leather for durability.
Shotgun Belt - Model SGB

Model: 608
Price: Starts at $75

Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been making top quality rifle slings for over thirty years. These slings are made with the same attention to details as our other fine leather products.
Rifle Slings - Model 608

Model: RTR
Price: Starts at $38

Made to hold ten cartridges on each side, the "Reload Strap" can be made for a variety of calibers for both rifles and handguns
Reload Strap - Model RTR

Model: BG
Price: Starts at $15

A simple way to keep your badge handy, the badge holder snaps over your gunbelt. Made of premium leather and fitted with solid brass snaps, the Kirkpatrick badge holder can be made to accommodate most belt widths.
Badge Holder - Model BG

Model: RSH
Price: Starts at $75

Made to hold five rifle or pistol cartridges on the outside of the butt stock, the rifle shell holder is a great addition to you leather collection. Specifically designed for your rifle make and model, a perfect fit can be assured.
Rifle Shell Holder - Model RSH

Model: WBSH
Price: Starts at $85

Made to hold five 4 shotgun shells and 2 handgun cartridges, the rifle wild bunch holder is a great addition to you leather collection. Specifically designed for for wild bunch competitions, reloads will be close at hand for your next competition. Constructed of premium 8oz. saddle leather, the shell holder is sure to last. Hand crafted and dyed to match any of our holsters.
Wild Bunch Shell Holder - Model WBSH

Model: SG6
Price: Starts at $70

This shotshell holder is designed to hold the shells in pairs allowing you to reload your double barrelled shotgun with ease.
Shotshell Holder - Model SG6

Model: 1910
Price: Starts at $187

During the Old West, the bandolier was a way to carry many extra shells on one person. Made famous by Pancho Villa, who usually wore two of these across his chest, the bandolier was designed to carry extra ammo over the shoulder.
Bandolier - Model 1910

Model: 30
Price: Starts at $170

Made to fit marlin and winchester lever action rifles, this scabbards is constructed of 9 oz. saddle leather for durability. The scabbard is fully lined to help protect your rifle and is available for most barrel lengths.
Rifle Scabbard - Model 30

Model: BLW
Price: Starts at $15

Made of top quality buffalo leather, our lever wraps are heavy enough to take up some of the excess space inside the lever. By adding this to your rifle you will create a cushion for your fingers and eliminate the slope when levering the gun.
Buffalo Lever Wraps - Model BLW

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