Concealment Holsters : 4100 Holster (4100)

4100 Holster
4100 Holster - Model 4100

Formed on a contour for comfort and one-hand holstering, this handcrafted compact holster positions the handgun high and close to the body. The thumb-break design offers a full-grip access so that readjusting your grip is not necessary after drawing. Open bottom allows you to carry the same firearm in different barrel lengths, eliminating the need for extra holsters.

*Not available for handguns with rail


  • Twin slots for stability & consistent holster angle.
  • Gun-specific hand molding for fit.
  • Open bottom for carrying various barrel lengths.
  • Optional suede leather lining available.

Plain Basket Weave Hand Tooled
$75.00 N/A N/A

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