Concealment Holsters : Compact Undercover (2145)

Compact Undercover Compact Undercover

Compact Undercover - Model 2145

Product Description

Originally designed for the Colt Officers model, the model 2145 is a small pancake style holster perfect for shorter barreled pistols. The forward cant helps narrow the profile of the handgun while the shirt guard covers the safety for extra comfort. Hand molded to hold the gun firmly in place, the model 2145 allows a full shooting grip while drawing.


  • Two-piece design and reinforced to keep the holster open for one-hand holstering.
  • Formed on a contour, the 2145 is very comfortable.
  • Dual slots secure the holster on the belt.
  • High-ride design for added concealment.

Plain Basket Weave Hand Tooled
$96.00 N/A N/A

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