Model: 3900
Price: Starts at $ 265

The crossdraw holster has been a favorite of our customers for many years. We have decided to keep it in the line with just a few new improvements.
The model 3900's belt is cut from 9 oz. leather and is fully suede leather lined.
Crossdraw Rig - Model 3900

Model: 1914CD
Price: Starts at $ 535

During the early 1900's, Hollywood started a trend that continues today, romanticizing the tough and dangerous life of the frontiersmen. Throughout the century, movie and television westerns kept the spirit of the Old West, as we wish to remember it, alive in our hearts and minds.
The Laredoan Crossdraw - Model 1914CD

Model: 1878
Price: Starts at $ 360

The "Rough Riders" is patterned after a holster used by Teddy Roosevelt in his youth. While reading some biographies of President Roosevelt, we ran across a photo of him wearing a double loop holster in a crossdraw configuration.
Rough Riders - Model 1878

Model: 1872
Price: Starts at $ 264

This is a rig similar to the one used by Bat Masterson, buffalo hunter, gambler and gunfighter, who later became Sheriff of Dodge City. The belt on this rig is 2 1/4" wide and tapers to...
Dodge City - Model 1872

Model: IDJ
Price: Starts at $ 495

Specially designed for champion cowboy action shooter, John Shaw, this rig is made for serious cowboys. The holsters are hand crafted from the finest leather, fully leather lined and hand molded for a perfect fit. Keeping in the tradition of the Old West.
Idaho John Rig - Model IDJ

Model: 1860-2
Price: Starts at $ 540

The Mexican double loop holster was predominantly used in the mid to late 1800's by Mexican vaqueros and early settlers of the Southwest. The Santa Fe is Kirkpatrick's answer to many request for an authentic version of this rig.
Santa Fe Cross Draw - Model 1860-2

Model: Cobra Cat
Price: Starts at $ 450

After a couple of years of design and rigorous testing, the Cobra Cat rig is ready to be unleashed on the competitive shooting scene.
Cobra Cat - Model Cobra Cat

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