Model: LH09-Champion
Price: Starts at $ 515

The New LH-09 shooting system is available in 12 differentt shooting configurations to match your shooting style.
LH '09 Rig - Model LH09-Champion

Model: 1914D
Price: Starts at $ 500

During the early 1900's, Hollywood started a trend that continues today,romanticizing the tough and dangerous life of the frontiersmen.
Laredoan Double Rig - Model 1914D

Model: TQL
Price: Starts at $ 575

The curved belt is designed to meet the specific needs of women shooters. Curved on the ends to sit flat on the hips the new TQL rig will be more comfortable during extended use.
Tequila Ladies Rig - Model TQL

Model: TQ02
Price: Starts at $ 390

Hand crafted using only the finest leather, the new "Tequila" rig is designed for fit form and function.

Constructed of 8 oz. American leather, all holsters are hand dyed for rich last
Tequila Rig - Model TQ02

Model: LH04-LH05-Original-C
Price: Starts at $ 485

A 2" drop holster with an 8 degree muzzle forward cant allows for a quick draw without having to break the wrist at an uncomfortable angle.
LH Rig - Model LH04-LH05-Original-C

Model: GY04B
Price: Starts at $ 465

Slight drop, flared out for easy reholstering and cut out access to gun like no other. Rugged two tone look, remnant of the hardships of an ill supplied army and optional crosspiece bearing the flag of the Choctaw Brigade.
Graveyard Rig - Model GY04B

Model: 1862CD
Price: Starts at $ 485

The "Marshall" is a beautiful rig designed for the discriminating shooter who not only wants a rig to function, but also to look good. The holster has a slight curve around the trigger to allow a quick draw and is adorned with a fancy concho.
The Marshall Crossdraw - Model 1862CD

Model: 1865
Price: Starts at $ 420

The Prospector double holster rig is a direct descendant of the "California" pattern holsters invented during the 1850's Gold Rush. Its triple recurve (cut down on both sides and front) allows the shooter instant access to the trigger and hammer of the revolver.
Prospector - Model 1865

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