Sw40ve Holster

All of the holsters listed below are manufactured for the Smith and Wesson SW40VE, SW642, SW686 & SW9VE.

We've been adjusting designs and continually enhancing our sw40ve holsters to satisfy our customers. Remember that once you have picked a Kirkpatrick sw40ve holster you're getting more than half a century of expertise in hand-crafting leather holsters.

Take into account that your holster will be created once it is ordered. Therefore, it usually takes Four to six weeks for the order to be mailed out.

Model: D82
Starting at $ 64

The easy on-and-off design of the new model D-82 makes carrying a small lightweight revolver a cinch! A leather strap with extra-thick belt stop slides between the belt and pants, securing the holster without the use of a bulky paddle.
Mini Paddle - Model D82
Sw40ve Holster. Sw40ve Holster.

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