Xdm Holster

All of the holsters below are intended for the Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP, XD Sub Compact, XD Compact, XD Service Model, XD Tactical Model & XDM.

We've been adjusting designs and progressively improving our xdm holsters to satisfy our clients. Keep in mind that if you have chosen a Kirkpatrick xdm holster you're getting more than 50 years of experience in hand-crafting leather holsters.

Please take into account that our holsters are made as they are ordered. It may take about 4 to 6 weeks for the holster to get shipped.

Model: CLP
Starting at $ 38

The "Clip-on" holster is an easy and inexpensive way to conceal your favorite handgun. Made of soft leather the clip on is comfortable enough for all day use yet durable enough to give you many years of service.
Clip On - Model CLP

Model: TCC
Starting at $ 98

When concealment with light cover is a priority, inside-the-waistband holsters lead the way. The model T-CC was created so that its IWB design would not compromise the pistol's accessibility.
Commander Carry - Model TCC

Model: 2145
Starting at $ 96

This "Compact Under Cover" is a compact pancake holster perfect for shorter-barrel handguns. Originally designed for the colt "Officers Model", the 2145 Model covers the safety for extra comfort.
Compact Undercover - Model 2145

Model: 2010
Starting at $ 98

The "Under Cover" is ideal for large-frame semi-autos. The pancake-style evenly distributes the gun's weight and keeps it close to the body.
Under Cover - Model 2010

Model: TCD
Starting at $ 98

The "Texas Cross Draw" is designed for people who spend a lot of time sitting or driving. A cross draw angle and extra high ride design keeps the gun comfortably out of the way when a seated position.
Texas Cross Draw - Model TCD

Model: TSS
Starting at $ 98

The "Texas Strong Side" is a comfortable way to carry a hand gun without sacrificing availability. A rear belt loo[ keeps the butt of the gun close to the body. The FBI-style cant narrows the profile of the gun, making it more concealable.
Texas Strong Side - Model TSS
Xdm Holster. While no gun can make you shoot better, the right gun allows you to shoot better. The Springfield XD & XDM are pistols designed to work with the body, assisting you to reach your full potential as a shooter. Take a look at a few of the features these handguns provide:
  • You can examine the striker status indicator looking at it or just by touching it to confirm whether it's cocked.
  • It incorporates a loaded chamber indicator allowing you to check whether there's a round in the chamber by touch or sight.
  • It uses Ultra Safety Assurance Trigger System, that will help protect against accidental discharge from droping or bumping. It locks the trigger until direct rearwards pressure is applied to it.
  • It also incorporates a grip safety which only allows the pistol to fire once you have a firm grip on the pistol.
Xdm Holster.

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