Inside the Waistband Holsters : Commander Carry (TCC)

Commander Carry
Commander Carry - Model TCC

Product Description

When concealment with light cover is a priority, inside-the-waistband holsters lead the way. The model T-CC was created so that its IWB design would not compromise the pistol's accessibility. We incorporated a leather shirt guard for comfort, but designed it so it would not interfere with the draw. A slight angle on the holster narrows the profile of the pistol, making it more comfortable for all day use.


  • Full-combat grip access
  • Optional Kydex clip available
  • Reinforced top for one-hand holstering
  • Slight FBI cant, narrow profile
  • Shirt guard for comfort
  • Hand molded finish¬†

Plain Basket Weave Hand Tooled
$98.00 N/A N/A

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