Model: WBR
Price: Starts at $395

They say smooth is fast and fast is smooth. Well this new Wild Bunch rig has all of the features you need for a smooth draw, quick first shot and effortless reloads.
Wild Bunch Rig - Model WBR

Model: LH09
Price: Starts at $515

The New LH-09 shooting system is available in 12 differentt shooting configurations to match your shooting style.
LH '09 Rig - Model LH09

Model: TQL
Price: Starts at $575

The curved belt is designed to meet the specific needs of women shooters. Curved on the ends to sit flat on the hips the new TQL rig will be more comfortable during extended use.
Tequila Ladies Rig - Model TQL

Model: LHS
Price: Starts at $485

A 2" drop holster with an 8 degree muzzle forward cant allows for a quick draw without having to break the wrist at an uncomfortable angle.
LH Rig - Model LHS

Model: GY04B
Price: Starts at $405

Slight drop, flared out for easy reholstering and cut out access to gun like no other. Rugged two tone look, remnant of the hardships of an ill supplied army and optional crosspiece bearing the flag of the Choctaw Brigade.
Graveyard Rig - Model GY04B

Model: TQ02
Price: Starts at $390

Hand crafted using only the finest leather, the new "Tequila" rig is designed for fit form and function.

Constructed of 8 oz. American leather, all holsters are hand dyed for rich last
Tequila Rig - Model TQ02

Model: IDJ
Price: Starts at $495

Specially designed for champion cowboy action shooter, John Shaw, this rig is made for serious cowboys. The holsters are hand crafted from the finest leather, fully leather lined and hand molded for a perfect fit. Keeping in the tradition of the Old West.
Idaho John Rig - Model IDJ

Model: 1864
Price: Starts at $385

The "Roper" is a beautiful reproduction of a holster used over a hundred years ago. Requires over 500 individual stamps to be completed. Belt and holster are hand dyed for a rich color to accent this rig.
The Fort Laramie Roper - Model 1864

Model: 1920
Price: Starts at $295

The "Big Jake" is a replica of the rig used by John Wayne in many of his films. Comes equipped with twenty four bullet loops, a solid square buckle and latigo hammer tie down
Big Jake - Model 1920

Model: 1867
Price: Starts at $435

The "Slim" is patterned after the "Slim Jim" holster of the Old West. The belt is 3" wide and has twenty bullet loops. It is hand dyed in a plain finish and has decorative double stitch throughout.
The Slim - Model 1867

Model: 1878
Price: Starts at $360

The "Rough Riders" is patterned after a holster used by Teddy Roosevelt in his youth. While reading some biographies of President Roosevelt, we ran across a photo of him wearing a double loop holster in a crossdraw configuration.
Rough Riders - Model 1878

Model: 1845
Price: Starts at $264

A replica of a holster design used commonly in the late 1800's the "Texan" is a true piece of western history. The T shaped crosspiece, once called the "Texas jock strap", has remained a great example of old west holster design.
The Texan - Model 1845

Model: 1862CD
Price: Starts at $485

The "Marshall" is a beautiful rig designed for the discriminating shooter who not only wants a rig to function, but also to look good. The holster has a slight curve around the trigger to allow a quick draw and is adorned with a fancy concho.
Marshall w/crossdraw - Model 1862CD

Model: 1903
Price: Starts at $295

The "Rustler" is yet another fine addition to the Kirkpatrick line. The 2 1/4" straight belt and single loop holster are not only eye catching but very functional.
Rustler - Model 1903

Model: 1865
Price: Starts at $420

The Prospector double holster rig is a direct descendant of the "California" pattern holsters invented during the 1850's Gold Rush. Its triple recurve (cut down on both sides and front) allows the shooter instant access to the trigger and hammer of the revolver.
Prospector - Model 1865

Model: 1860
Price: Starts at $360

The Mexican double loop holster was predominantly used in the mid to late 1800's by Mexican vaqueros and early settlers of the Southwest. The Santa Fe is Kirkpatrick's answer to many request for an authentic version of this rig.
Santa Fe - Model 1860

Model: 888
Price: Starts at $305

The Old Tucson is one of our newest rigs, but one of the oldest rigs in the West. In our search for the new holster styles to offer our customers, we found a Mexican double loop style holster and cartridge.
Old Tucson - Model 888

Model: 1899
Price: Starts at $225

The holster featured here is a reproduction of the Texan pattern shoulder holster. It is one of the most common shoulder holsters of the early 1900's and preferred means of gun carry for many of the great lawmen and outlaws of the Old West.
Shoulder Holster - Model 1899

Model: 1849
Price: Starts at $295

Go back in time and relive the history of the long cattle drivers and gun fights of the 1800's. The Western style, all leather, 100% American made rigs is a true duplication of those carried by many trail hands in the early days of taming the West.
Range Rider - Model 1849

Model: 1860CD
Price: Starts at $446

The Mexican double loop holster was predominantly used in the mid to late 1800's by Mexican vaqueros and early settlers of the Southwest. The Santa Fe is Kirkpatrick's answer to many request for an authentic version of this rig.
Santa Fe Cross Draw - Model 1860CD

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