Dear Friends,

After 40 years at the same location, we are moving our factory to a new location.  As we make the final preparations for the move, we realized just how much inventory & how many show samples we have on hand. 

Instead of packing everything up, we have decided to have a moving sale.  Each week, we will be adding rigs that we put together from our inventory and show sample items.  Everything on the sale page will be discounted 30-60% off the original prices, so be sure to stop by each week to see if there is anything that fits your needs.
If you find an item that you like, you can place your order by phone at 956-723-6893.

Best regards,
Kirkpatrick Leather Family



The items on the discount item page are listed by actual measurement not jean/waist size.
To determine what size belt you need, please take an actual measurement at the point where you plan to wear your rig/shot shell belt.

To determine the actual measurement, wrap a tape measure around yourself as if it were the belt.  The tape measure should be snug enough that it does not slip off your sides, but not so tight that it digs into your clothing.  The tape measure should sort of just lie against your body. 

Please note that we have found that most of our customers require a belt that is 4-6 inches larger than their jean size.  Don’t be surprised if your jean size is 38” the actual measurement is 42”.  In addition, if the actual measurement is an odd number, it is ALWAYS best to round up and not down.  For example, if the actual measurement is 39”, you would look at the belts shown as size 40”C.  A belt listed as a 40”C (to the center notch/hole) will fit the following sizes-  38”-39”-40”C-41”-42”.

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