Cobra Cat – Model Cobra Cat


After a couple of years of design and rigorous testing; the Cobra Cat rig is ready to be unleashed on the competitive shooting scene. We designed this rig with direct input from Cobra Cat himself, who was the first person ever to win the State, Regional, National & World title all within the same year. We made sure it was up to par for a serious single action shooter.

The lip of the holsters are elongated and curved out for super simple no-look, one handed re-holstering. This feature is accentuated by the kydex paddle inserts providing support to keep the holsters angled away from the body. This helps minimize any body positions where your body might partially block easy access to the mouth of the holster. Therefore shaving off crucial fractions of a second and giving you better access to re-holstering. Whether you are hunched forward or even while on the run.

The spacing between the holster and the paddle is big enough to allow for free range of movement along your body. No matter how your belt sits on you, you can have your holsters resting in just the right position.

Each Cobra Cat holster comes with an adjustable tension screw. Whether you want a slightly snug fit for when you are running from stage to stage or you want your guns to fly out of the holster, the option is up to you.

We have been proudly making our custom holsters right here in the great state of Texas, since 1950. All our holsters are custom made from high quality American leather.

How our holsters are built

We start by cutting from the best part of the hide.  We then hand dye the holster to ensure a rich deep color that will accent your firearm.  All our holsters are sewn using seven cord bonded nylon thread and double stitched in all critical areas.  The heavy weight construction also makes sure the holsters stay open when re-holstering. Each holster is then hand molded for a perfect fit. The edges are then sanded and hand burnished to a smooth glossy finish.  This helps prevent moisture from entering the edges of the leather.  They are then polished and finished with a clear coating to protect the finish. The belts are made using heavy 9 oz. saddle leather and are fully leather lined. They come equipped with high quality solid steel and brass hardware. Our gun belts are built to last a lifetime.

Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing

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