The Laredoan Crossdraw – Model 1914CD


During the early 1900’s, Hollywood started a trend that continues today, romanticizing the tough and dangerous life of the frontiersmen. Throughout the century, movie and television westerns kept the spirit of the Old West, as we wish to remember it, alive in our hearts and minds.

The “Laredoan Crossdraw” rig features the same belt as the 1914 “Laredoan” with the addition of a matching crossdraw holster. The crossdraw holster is designed to be easily attached and removed from the belt. Its high ride design and 30 degree can make for a smooth and effortless draw.

The 1914-2 allow the drawing of either of your two pistols with your strong arm, drawing the second gun after reholstering the first. The crossdraw holster is cut from the same quality leather as the “Laredoan”, it is had molded for a perfect fit and has latigo hammer tie down. This fully lined holster come with either a matching silver plated concho or silver plated initial.