1911 leather gun Holsters

Premium leather IWB , OWB and Shoulder gun holsters for every day carry of your favorite 1911 gun.

Custom made gun holsters

Custom made leather IWB, OWB and shoulder holsters for Sig Sauer, Glock, 1911 and most revolvers.


Free Shipping on in stock premium leather gun holsters for most 1911, Glock, Sig Sauer and S&W guns.

Old West Gun Holsters and belts

The Best Old West Gun leather for your favorite Single Action and Double Action Wheel guns.

The best custom leather holster makers for 70 years.

This year we are celebrating our 70th year of making custom leather holsters.  Since 1950, Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been one of the world’s best leather holster makers.  Our catalog features custom holsters made in Texas by skilled artisans and professionals.  After all of this time, we still make our holsters one at time and we use only American leather.  If you are looking for the perfect way to carry a gun, buy a Kirkpatrick Leather holster and see why we are still the best custom leather holster makers after 70 years.

The best leather holster makers love guns too…

At Kirkpatrick Leather we make great holsters because, like you, we love shooting.  We are gun owners, gun collectors, shooters and hunters.  Our company and our staff are proud to enjoy our 2nd amendment in every way we can.   Whether its every day carry of a gun, competing in IDPA and Cowboy Action matches or hunting, we use the products we make with our favorite guns.  

We are proud Texas holster makers and card carrying license holders.  We carry guns and in our custom leather concealment holsters every day.  We shoot Cowboy Action matches wearing our western holsters and we use our hunting holsters when we’re at the ranch.

When you buy custom leather gun holsters from us your’e getting 70 years of holster making experience coupled with many years of firearms experience. There are a lot of great custom leather holster makers too choose from and we appreciate every customer this Texas holster maker gets.  So, when we make a leather gun holster for you, we make it like it was for one of us.


The Best Cowboy Action Holsters Made in Texas.

For years Kirkpatrick Leather Co. has been the leader in quality Cowboy Action holsters and accessories.  Our holsters have a traditional western look and feel with all the features you need to be competitive.

Over the years we’ve collaborated with some of the world’s best cowboy action shooters to design working gun belts and holsters for the shooting sport.  We’ve worked with gunslingers from different categories with varying shooting styles to gain insight into making great competition holsters.  With the help of these champions we’ve created holsters that provide you a smooth consistent draw and effortless re-holstering.  Kirkpatrick leather holsters have been tested by top shooters in the sport and been used by many State, National and World Champions.  When you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather, all the features you need to make your next match a success are built into our holsters.

Even though our holsters are built for competition they still have the Old West look we love.  Our holsters look authentic because they’re real cowboy holsters.  Made using the same materials and leather making tools that endured the test of time.  Using only American leather,  we work  with the traditional patterns and stamps you’d find in a leather shop over 100 years ago.  If you love our great western history, western guns and cowboy leather, we will have you looking and feeling like you stepped into the Old West.

Kirkpatrick leather has been a supporter of the single action shooting community for over 20 years.  We have sponsored, attended and competed in hundreds of matches all over the country.  We don’t just want your business, we want to help get you the perfect leather for your shooting style.  So if you are new to shooting the sport or would like to improve on what you have, give us a call and we will do our best to get you into the right leather.  Let us know your looking for and we will custom make the perfect holster you.


black leather cowboy action western holster hand tooled for single action revolver