LH Shotshell Belt – Model Champion-SB


Constructed of the finest leather, the Long Hunter shotshell belt is designed to work with a variety of shooting styles. Two available configurations cover most shooting and loading styles with both pump and SxS shotguns.

Style #1
• Load a pump shotgun over the top
• Double load a pump shotgun
• Weak hand load a side by side
• Strong hand load a side by side

Style #2
• Single load a pump shotgun
• Load pump shotgun over the top
• Weak hand load a side by side

Designed with the help of 7 time modern world champion Long Hunter, this belt is made for competitive reloads. The loops have a double ply stop sewn underneath to keep shells high enough for easy access. The new interchangeable slides also have a shell stop, making the fastest pistol and rifle reloads possible. Available in chestnut to match the Long Hunter Rig.

*Please note that belts smaller than 38″ will have less loops than shown in the photo as there is not enough room on the belt to inlcude the number of loops shown online.